Marketing Campaign

Grow the Invisalign® side of your practice with a unique campaign

Your Target Treatment

Focus on targeting Invisalign® and capitalize on the overall interest & demand for the treatment

– Get more consultations
– Treat more patients
– Increase case acceptance
– Reach higher designations

The Patient Journey

We co-brand the campaign back to the practice, while focusing on patient education

Patients automatically recognize the campaign as an Invisalign-dedicated website. By focusing on information-dense and resourceful content, visitors automatically associate the doctor as one of the go-to providers for Invisalign in their local community.

Treat & Repeat

Target Invisalign-related keywords for SEO and reach the right audience

By targeting various keywords that are specific to Invisalign, we are able to dominate the online marketshare when it comes to search engine traffic. Content throughout the site is designed to target keywords that not only generate traffic, but attract patients with a higher tendency to schedule a consultation.

Strategy Comes First

Speak with a DMCD digital marketing strategist today to see actual examples, create a strategy, and define your target audience.

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