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The Digital Marketers of Cosmetic Dentistry (DMCD) is a team of digital strategists, designers, and creatives devoted to helping dentists and orthodontists connect with new and pre-existing patients. When it comes to marketing, we believe it takes a unique experience to create a unique relationship. To achieve this, we focus on creating one-of-a-kind strategies that can’t be replicated by marketers or agencies alike.

We specialize in developing strategies that showcase the expertise and craftsmanship of each client. Our marketing campaigns are specifically designed to instill the trust and confidence in patients that are actively looking for a doctor for their needs.

Marketing Campaigns

Most practices market the same. They’ll have a website, various social media pages, with so-so engagement from current patients. This makes it an easy task for our clients to differentiate, and really allows us to selectively work with practices with a healthy digital marketing strategy. By working with dental and orthodontic specialists, our team can collaborate with experts to truly design and develop state-of-the-art marketing strategies that allow our clients to stand out amongst the competition.

Strategy Comes First

Speak with a DMCD digital marketing strategist today to see actual examples, create a strategy, and define your target audience.

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Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis

Dr. Nicozisis is a member of Invisalign® National Speaker’s Bureau and Clinical Research Network where he helps conduct research and development of new technologies and improvements to the Invisalign Technique. He has given over 50 National and International lectures including the 2007 and 2008 National Invisalign Summit Meeting for orthodontist specialists. In 2009, he gave two lectures at Invisalign’s European Meeting in Monte Carlo instructing European orthodontists on advanced techniques with the Invisalign system. 2010 had Dr. Nicozisis presenting at two National Invisalign Forums.


Dr. Rod Stewart

Dr. Stewart is Director of the Toronto Implant AAID Maxicourse®, the most comprehensive dental implant training program in Canada. As well, he is a clinical instructor at the University at Buffalo, School of Dental Medicine teaching in the graduate Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) program.


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If you are a dentist or an orthodontist that specializes in a certain treatment, marketing your specialty is the most effective way to reach patients, showcase your expertise, and build your practice. Collaborate with a digital strategist from our team today to plan out your next marketing campaign.

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Got what it takes?

We’re looking for specialists that are passionate about what they do, and are excited to be at the center of an incredibly viral marketing program for our clients. Our BAs are willing to go the extra mile and do more because they know we will bring them many opportunities to do meaningful work in the space they love.