Marketing Campaigns

The best dental marketing campaigns always start with the patient in mind

Your Target Treatment

Select a dental treatment to focus on, and strategically position your practice in front of the target demographic of patients

– Establish yourself as an authority
– Get more consultations
– Treat more patients
– Create a network for referrals
– Continue building your dental practice

The Patient Journey

Create a campaign that patients can naturally engage with by creating content around your treatment options. By shifting your focus from “selling your practice” to educating your community, people begin to recognize you as a leader, an expert, and ultimately, gives people the confidence to trust you with their treatment or at least see you for a 2nd opinion.

Treat & Repeat

Launch a content marketing strategy. Content marketing is the process of creating specific pieces of content, to build an audience. We want to create content that your target patient would find useful. Once you have an audience, your campaign is naturally designed to nurture people into treatment by influencing them to book consultations, reach out to the practice, or schedule an appointment.

Strategy Comes First

Speak with a DMCD digital marketing strategist today to see actual examples, create a strategy, and define your target audience.

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